Who is this Dion Drakes guy?

Dion Drakes

I'm an entrepreneur, digital marketer and financial professional. I help individuals, like you, and companies to grow their revenue through Facebook, Messenger, and other social media channels using a predictable system of targeted ads and simple funnels.

 Here are several things about me:

  • I've been working in the digital space since 2001. I got my start designing websites and print materials as a freelancer for various industries but eventually ended up doing corporate collateral for financial companies.
  • When I was building websites, my clients kept asking for help to get sales using their websites so I had to learn digital marketing. They weren't teaching online marketing when I got started so I had to invest in many expensive courses and conferences, plus hours and hours testing things out on my own.
  • Fortunately, I had some early breakthroughs and got pretty good at digital marketing from testing out many strategies with my own websites. Then I wanted to test my skills so I went from amateur to professional in 2006 and worked for several digital marketing agencies. Since then, the strategies I've implemented for my clients have helped them grow their customer email lists, social media profiles and sales revenues exponentially.
  • I've personally managed large digital ad spends on behalf of clients and have been able to consistently produce substantial growth and returns on their marketing investments.
  • I'm extremely proud that the last company I worked for saw a sales revenue increase of 88.6% in a nine month period. My strategies and execution were the main reason that the revenue went from $2,719,041.40 in 2015 to $5,127,784.66 in 2016 while I was the sole person running the entire marketing.
  • In fact, in 2017 before the marketing team was dismantled and I was forced to resign my position for "growing too fast", the company's sales were on pace to double the 2016 milestones that I was then directing. Sales tapered off but were at $4,948,709.70 when I left.
  • I documented the process that I followed to accomplish that amount of growth and have made a case study available, by request, for any business owner that wants to achieve similar results. Ask me about it and I'll provide the link to the video.

Since stepping away from that company in September of 2017, I've become a full time digital entrepreneur as well as a licensed financial professional. By merging my passions for digital marketing and finance with the love of helping others, my goal is to give my clients, possibly you, an even greater advantage over the competition by not only helping to grow your sales using advanced digital marketing strategies but also by educating and consulting about how to save, grow and protect that additional revenue from unnecessary taxes using little known financial strategies.

This Page is About YOU!

Although this is an about page and I've told you a little about my journey, it's not really about me at all. This page is really about the results that you want to achieve and how I'm equipped with specialized knowledge to help you.

So ... if you're ready to grow your business predictably ... it's time to take ACTION!

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